Training for bodybuilding competitions with Custom Fitness Consulting

Training for Bodybuilding Competitions:
The Best Possible You

Whether you’re a seasoned bodybuilder or an amateur showing off your accomplishments for the first time, Custom Fitness can help you achieve the best possible you.* 

Name your division. Do you want the muscular development of a bodybuilder or the lean and firm muscle of the Physique division? Either way it’s going to take a combination of fitness and nutrition training to get you there. Custom Fitness develops both fitness and nutrition plans that take you from where you are to where you want—and need—to be. It’s not easy. But we can get you there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The “best possible you” doesn’t happen overnight, so be sure to schedule enough time to prep for your bodybuilding competition. Typical timeframes are:*
  • 12 weeks – for those who already live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • 16 weeks – for those who need to reshape their body and add to/retain their muscle.
  • 20 weeks – for those who may need to drop some weight while retaining muscle mass. 

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At Custom Fitness, we have first-hand experience in bodybuilding competitions, so we know what judges want. Our experience puts you at an advantage. In addition to your physical training, Custom Fitness coaches you on other aspects of the competition, such as attire and accessories, skin care, tanning, hair and makeup, grooming, and posing.

Most Common Bodybuilding Divisions

Men's & Women's Bodybuilding

When people think of bodybuilding, this is the division they typically think of—men and women with those shredded, extremely muscular physiques. Contestants in this division are judged on the quality of their muscular development: mass, definition, proportion, symmetry, and stage presence.

Men's Physique

This relatively new division is growing fast. It focuses on body condition, shape, and symmetry. Although muscularity is important, bigger is not better. You can be marked down for too much mass and over-conditioning.


Women's Physique

Another relatively new division, Women’s Physique is a toned down version of Women’s Bodybuilding that is reminiscent of the bodybuilding look of the ‘80s. 

Women's Figure

In this division, bodies have athletic qualities, yet are physically pleasing (that is to say, lean, but not shredded or hard).

Women's Fitness

Similar in physique to the Women’s Figure division, but includes an element of performance.


A popular category that focuses not only on lean, toned muscles, but also on stage presence and “star” power.


*Results May Vary: Fitness and/or weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. 
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