Fitness is a lifestyle and we've given our clients the tools to change, overcome and conquer.

Case Studies

We believe fitness is a lifestyle, and we've given our clients the tools to change, overcome and conquer.

Check out just a few of our success stories and learn how Custom Fitness Consulting can give you the tools to live a healthy, happy life - helping you become the very best you can be!
*Note: Results May Vary: Fitness and/or weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. 

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Fred Horton

Before working with Adam at Custom Fitness Consulting, Fred led an active life and worked out four to five times a week. His demanding career keeps him on the road every week, making a healthful lifestyle challenging. Now, Fred has the knowledge to "work smarter, not harder", and he's in the best shape of his life.

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Fred Horton, before and after
Jon Eikenberry

Jon has never had a weight problem; he's always been lean and athletic. Fitness training has been part of his life, but it was never consistent...until recently. He's now "all in" with his training and has participated in several competitions. His success at the 2016 KC Classic has qualified him for pro status

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Read about Jon Eikenberry's fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Cassie Ross 

Cassie had weight issues throughout high school; she wasn't athletic and she ate whatever she wanted. Unhappy with herself, she decided to take control and compete in a bikini competition. Her journey has resulted in weight loss, qualification for nationals in competition and a new-found passion for fitness.

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Read about Cassie Ross' fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Frances Rico 

Frances has always been active and athletic. After a basketball injury in college, Frances discovered her love of fitness training. Nutrition and fitness coaching have led her to participate (and place) in several bodybuilding competitions.

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Read about Frances Rico's fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Adam Hartley 

Adam is a personal trainer who didn't feel as though he was a good role model for his clients, especially in the area of nutrition. Adam decided to make a lifestyle change and has followed a nutrition & fitness plan for more than 2 years. 

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Custom Fitness helped Adam Hartley become a better fitness role model

Lisa Schocke 

Lisa struggled with her weight since 4th grade. She decided she wanted to get healthy. She's working out, learning how to eat the right kinds of calories and has exceeded her weight loss goal.

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Read about Lisa Schocke's fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Tiffany Torres 

Tiffany suffered from chronic pain - it was the perfect excuse for weight gain. She vowed to make a change. She's lost weight, learned about nutrition and is now boxing!

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Read about Tiffany Torres' fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Andrea Exon 

Andrea is a 20 year old college student, unhappy with her yo-yo weight that often accompanies college life. Andrea set a goal to get fit and stay fit!  

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Read about Andrea Exon's fitness success story with Custom Fitness
Angela Roth

Angela, mother of two, felt good about making fitness & health a priority in her life (especially after having a second child), but she challenged herself more. She decided to train for a bikini fitness competition.

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Read about Angela Roth's fitness transformation with the help of Custom Fitness
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More Fitness Transformations

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out these other fitness successes. 

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Jon Eikenberry - 20 week transformation with Custom Fitness

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  Before and After photos with a 20 week fitness program  Fitness results after a 20 week custom program with Custom Fitness Consulting

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You can achieve your fitness goals.

Let Custom Fitness help you get fit and healthy.

Get fit with guidance and support from Custom Fitness Consulting.

Custom Fitness can help you prep for your next bodybuilding or physique competition.

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