Custom Fitness can help give explosive power to your Mixed Martial Arts

Give Explosive POWER to Your Mixed Martial Arts

The overhand right … the 2-3-2 … the 1-2-10 takedown.

Oh, yeah, you’ve got the moves of a mixed martial arts champion, but do you have the power to get you there? If not, good luck to you. You’re going to need it.

At Custom Fitness, we don’t train you in striking and grappling techniques of MMA —you’ve got martial arts coaches to do that. Instead, we focus on giving you POWER through nutrition, cardio, and weight training.* When you put Custom Fitness in your corner, you get:
  • Energy – Custom Fitness’ personalized nutrition plans give you long-lasting energy that supports you through your training sessions and bouts.
  • Endurance – Fifteen minutes in the ring can seem like an eternity or a blink of an eye. The choice is yours. At Custom Fitness, our endurance training is designed to make it seem like a blink.
  • Explosive moves – Unless your winning strategy is based solely on lay-and-pray, you’ll need to develop some muscle. And, since you can’t rely on spinach to give you that instant pop-up muscle, Custom Fitness provides weight-resistance training tailored to your specific needs. It’s the POWER behind the punch.
  • Strength, not mass – Custom Fitness understands that, at weigh-in, you want to be at the top of your weight class. You don’t want muscle mass pushing you up to the next level. Custom Fitness works with you to develop strength without adding pounds.*
  • Faster and easier weight-cuts – Forget about spending hours in a sauna to lose 10-15 pounds before your weigh-in. We can help so your weight-cuts are faster and less strenuous on your body … keeping you in fighting form.
Make Custom Fitness part of your MMA winning team. Put power in your punch.
Call now to give power to your punch with Mixed Martial Arts MMA training.
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